Difference Between Entrepreneur and Manager

Entrepreneur and manager, these two terms are often used in management parlance, although they sound similar but are different in their functioning. Both of these help in proper organisation, control and management of the enterprise.

The most prominent difference between the entrepreneur and manager is the position that they hold in an organisation. An entrepreneur is the owner of the business concern while the manager is an employee of the business concern.

This article serves as a ready reckoner for the students eager to learn the comparison between entrepreneur vs manager.

Comparison Table

Parameters Entrepreneur Manager
Meaning An entrepreneur is a person who builds a new organisation by gathering data (i.e. land, labour and capital) for manufacturing purposes. By the term ‘manager’ we mean a person who gets the things done through his assistants, with the purpose of achieving business goals efficiently.
Focuses on Setting up a business Running the daily operations
Status in organisation Owner  Employee
Kind of benefit applicable Profit earned from running business Salary earned from managing daily business operations

Both modes have their own merits and demerits; here, the students can learn abut the role of entrepreneur and manager.


Entrepreneur is referred to as the person who is responsible for building an organisation by accumulating the various factors such as labour, land and capital. An entrepreneur takes all the business risk with the objective of gaining profit.

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The term manager represents a person who has the ability to get his work done with the help of assistants. The objective of a manager is to achieve business goals in an effective way. The manager serves the principal functions in a business organisation which are planning, directing, organising, motivation, controlling, and coordination. 

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