Short Run Costs

What Is Short Run Cost?

According to the short run, there are both fixed and variable costs. According to long run, there are no fixed costs. Methodical long run cost prices are sustained when the blend of end results that an enterprise manufactures outcomes in the desired amount of the commodities at the lowest and inexpensive possible price. Variable costs differ with the end results (output).


Short Run Cost is the cost price which has short-term inferences in the manufacturing procedures, i.e., these are utilised over a short degree of end results. These are the cost sustained once and cannot be used again, such as payment of wages, cost price of raw materials, etc.,

Short Run Costs

In a short-run, at least 1 aspect of production is fixed while the other stays variable. Hence, in short-run, the degree of end results can be raised only by increasing the variable aspects such as raw materials, labour, while other factors such as plant size, capital, remains constant. The short-run cost comprises both the fixed cost (that do not differ with the change in the degree of end results) and variable cost (that differs with the changes in the level of degree of end results). Some factors remain constant or fixed due to the time restrictions forced on an establishment.

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