Application for Salary Slip | How to Write and Samples

If you are a working professional, you would definitely know what a salary slip is and how important it is. A salary slip is mostly demanded by bank officials when you are requesting a loan from the bank or applying for a credit card. It is proof that you are currently working in the specific company/organisation, and that you are earning a certain amount per month. It will guarantee that you will be able to clear the bill amount or the loan amount. There might be times when the company does not give you a salary slip. In such cases, you can write a letter to the HR of your company requesting for a salary slip. Go through the article to learn how to write an application for salary slip and also take a look at the sample letters for a deeper understanding.

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How to Write an Application for a Salary Slip?

As students, we have practised various types of letter writing including formal letters, informal letters, leave letters, permission letters, applications etc. A salary slip is written in the format of a formal letter. You will have to address it to the HR of the company, or the head of an institution. An application for the salary slip should include information like the sender’s address, date, receiver’s address and the reasons behind the request for a payslip including employee ID details. Just be sure to keep it professional throughout.

Samples of Salary Slip Request Letter

Here are a couple of samples of the salary slip request letter for your reference.

Application for Pay Slip to HR

B. Narayanpura, Mahadevpura

Bangalore – 560021

23rd February, 2022


The HR

Rankpedia Pvt.Ltd

Outer Ring Road, Mahadevpura

Bangalore – 560045


Sub: Request for salary slip


Dear Rajeev,

I am Natasha Dilekh, with employee ID E0000. I have applied for a loan of Rs. 6 lakhs to start the construction of my house. The loan will be approved only after the document verification, and my salary slips are the only pending documents that I will have to submit to the bank by the end of this month. So, I request you to kindly treat this as urgent and provide me with my salary slips for the past six months.

I shall be highly obliged to you for the same.

Thank you.


Natasha Dilekh

ID- E0000

Application for Pay Slip to School Authorities

Sector – 8, Unit – 9


23rd February, 2022


The Principal

Kendriya Vidyalaya No. 1

Unit-9, Bhubaneswar


Sub: Request for 3 months’ salary slips


Respected Sir,

I am Sulagna Tripathy, TGT English with employee ID – 0000. I am applying for a credit card, and as per the bank’s requirement, I will have to provide the salary slips of the last three months (November, December, and January). I have been given time till the end of this month to produce the respective documents, so I request you to kindly understand my concern and provide me with the salary slips at the earliest possible date.

Thank you.


Sulagna Tripathy

TGT English

Frequently Asked Questions on Application for Salary Slip


How do I write an application for a salary slip?

In order to write an application for a salary slip, you will have to write a formal letter mentioning the reason behind the request. The following format can be followed.

Sender’s address


Receiver’s address


Dear Sir,

I am _____, with employee ID _____. I am writing this letter to request you for the past ____ month’s salary slips for ______(reasons). I request you to kindly provide the same and I shall be highly obliged.

Your name
Employee ID


To whom should an application requesting a salary slip be addressed?

If you are working in any company, then you can address it to your HR department. If you are working in a school, you can address it to your principal or the accounts office.


How can I get my salary slip from my office?

If you want to get your salary slip from your office, you will have to write a letter to the HR department requesting the same along with the reason behind your request.


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