How to Crack CAT 2022 in 3 months?

The Common Admission Test, best known as CAT, has been sealing in the fates of MBA aspirants for top B-schools. While the very idea of cracking the examination seems lucrative, as the perks include admission in top B-schools, getting through it while only a handful of months left is a real hassle. Each Indian Institute of Management (IIM) takes turns to conduct this test. With 100 questions, divided into three sections, namely— Verbal Ability & Reading Comprehension, Data Interpretation & Logical Reasoning and Quantitative Ability— the exam needs a rigorous preparation to score good percentile.

People keep practising over the year and even more, at times. With the passage of time, it gets really difficult to keep up the momentum. Aspirants are required to immediate the process of their preparation due to the limited availability of time. The idea is to get through the examination effortlessly within three months. Two ways of approaching the examination are either by self-study or by enrolling into a program which gives the best insights and highlights of the examination.

CAT Question Papers & Sample Papers

CAT 3 Months Preparation Plan:

Enlisted below are 5 key pointers that can help you crack CAT 2022 in just 3 months:

  • Be Aware

The very essence of preparing for an examination is to be aware of every detail pertaining to it, which includes the key dates, the syllabus, know-hows, go about and plan-of-action.

  • Be Timely and Accurate

To attempt 100 questions, which include topics such as Ratio, Algebra and its applications, Critical Reasoning, Puzzles, Relations and various data that needs interpretation, within a fixed time frame of merely 180 minutes, can be an uphill task. Time yourself and accordingly polish the necessary skill. The CAT is entirely dependent on both lightning speed and accuracy.

  • High Levels of Concentration

To aim and achieve big within a shorter time frame makes things more intense and needs higher concentration levels. The more focused a person is, the better are his/her accuracy levels. Thus, a better grasp of concepts and intent to concentrate will help crack the CAT.

  • Strengthen Your Strengths and Eliminate Your Threats

The best way of approaching CAT involves cashing in on your strengths and eliminating imminent threats. To get through the CAT exam, only a desirable amount of percentile is needed, and to decode the mystery of percentiles is a must. This can be done by nurturing the core concepts which are the aspirant’s strengths, such that he can be sure of banking on it to score a higher percentile.

  • Practice Till You Perfect

Like it has been said since the golden ages, practice makes a man perfect and hence utilizing the skills to practice till you perfect is the key!

To conclude, the key to achieving the goal of cracking CAT is being a mindful, meticulous and smart-working individual. To learn more about the CAT exam and other related details, keep visiting BYJU’S.