What are the 5 writs?

The Constitution empowers the Supreme Court and High Courts to issue orders or writs as mentioned below:

  • HABEAS CORPUS: It is an order by the court to the state to produce the person physically before it justifies the confinement or release of the person. 
  • MANDAMUS: It is a command or an order from a superior court to a subordinate court or tribunal or public authority to perform its duty in case it is not doing it. 
  • PROHIBITION: It is an order issued by the Superior Court to forbid a subordinate court or tribunal from proceeding with a case that is beyond its jurisdiction. 
  • QUO WARRANTO: This writ is issued to restrain a person from acting in a public office to which he /she is not entitled. 
  • CERTIORARI: The term certiorari means “to be informed of what is going”. It is an order to a lower court from a superior court to transfer the matter to it or to any other court for deciding the matter. 

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