What are quo warranto and certiorari?

Quo warranto:

The words quo warranto means “what is your authority”. It is the writ issued to restrain a person from acting in a public office to which he /she is not entitled. It is issued against the holder of a public office to show to the court under what authority he holds the office.If the court finds that a person is holding office but is not entitled to hold that office, it issues the writ of quo warranto and restricts that person from acting as an office holder


The term certiorari means “to be informed of what is going”. It is an order to a lower court from a superior court to transfer the matter to it or to any other court for deciding the matter. This writ has much in common with a Writ of Prohibition. The only difference between the two is, a writ of prohibition is issued to prevent an inferior court or tribunal to go ahead with the trial of a case in which it has assumed excess of jurisdiction, a writ of certiorari is issued to quash the order passed by an inferior court or tribunal in excess of jurisdiction.

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