What are the factors affecting national integration?

Factors affecting national integration:

  • CASTEISM: This is a major obstacle to national integration. There is a great difference in the population of different religions and castes in India. These biases are so ugly and narrow that people are unable to think of national interest.
  • COMMUNALISM: Sometimes the accumulated interests create feelings of mutual enmity and hatred, leading to communal clashes.
  • PROVINCIALISM: The narrow sense of regionalism in various states of the country is increasing mutual enmity between states.
  • POLITICAL PARTIES: There are many parties that chase votes on the basis of caste, religion, creed and region, disregarding the public and national interest. 
  • LINGUISTIC DIFFERENCES: Politics on linguistic distinctiveness is not letting people rise above their partisan differences over language.
  • ECONOMIC DISPARITY: Some people in the country are rich, while most are poor. This economic asymmetry is a major problem in national integration and integration.

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