What are the types of soil erosion?

The denudation of the soil cover and subsequent washing down is described as soil erosion. Different types of soil erosion are given below.

  • Rain Drop or Splash Erosion:The erosion caused due to the impact of raindrops on soil surface leading to the destruction of the crumb structure.
  • Sheet Erosion: It takes place on level lands after a heavy shower and the soil removal is not easily noticeable. But it is harmful since it removes the finer and more fertile topsoil.
  • Rill Erosion: It is a form of water erosion in which the erosion takes place through numerous narrow and not so straight channels called streamlets, or head cuts.
  • Gully Erosion: It is common on steep slopes. Gullies deepen with rainfall, cut the agricultural lands into small fragments and make them unfit for cultivation.

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