What is the role of the Parliamentary Committees?

  • A large part of the discussion on the bills takes place in the Committees. The recommendation of the committee is then sent to the House. That is why committees are referred to as miniature legislatures. 
  • The parliament is too unwieldy a body to deliberate effectively that come up before it. The functions of the parliament are varied, complex and voluminous. Moreover, it has neither the adequate time nor necessary expertise to make a detailed scrutiny of all the legislative measures and other matters. Therefore, it is assisted by a number of committees in the discharge of its duties. 
  • These committees play a vital role not merely in law-making, but also in the day-to-day business of the House. 
  • Parliamentary committees also perform functions such as:
    • studying the demands for grants made by various ministries, 
    • looking into expenditure incurred by various departments,
    • investigating cases of corruption etc.

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