Where is lion tailed macaque found what are its feature?

The lion-tailed macaques are found in Western ghats in Southern India. The main features of the lion-tailed macaques are as follows – 

  1. Lion-tailed macaques have black fur. 
  2. They are characterised by the grey mane around their face.
  3. They have a small tuft on the tip of their tail. 
  4. Their tail resembles a lion’s tail which is where the name ‘lion-tailed macaque’ comes from. 
  5. Male Lion-tailed macaques are larger than the females. 
  6. They also have cheek pouches like any other monkeys.

Read more on the characteristics and habitat of Lion-tailed Macaque on the given link.

Further readings-

  1. The Wildlife Protection Act
  2. CITES – Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species

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