Who appoints the head of Gram Nyayalaya?

The head of Gram Nyayalaya, ‘Nyayadhikari’ will be appointed by the State Government, in consultation with the High Court.

The Nyayadhikaris who will preside over the Gram Nyayalayas are strictly judicial officers and will be drawing the same salary, deriving the same powers as First Class Magistrates working under High Courts.

Eligibility of Nyayadhikari

  • A person, to be eligible for appointment as a Nyayadhikari, 
    • must be less than 45 years of age and 
    • must be eligible to be appointed as a Judicial Magistrate of the First Class, that is, he must have been practising for at least 7 years. 

Additional Info:

  • The Gram Nyayalaya Act provides that there must be a due representation of women and members of the Scheduled Castes and the Scheduled Tribes communities when appointing Nyayadhikaris.

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