Iron Oxide Formula

Iron Oxide formula for Iron(III) oxide or ferric oxide formula is discussed in this article. This inorganic compound with a chemical formula Fe2O3. The main oxides of iron are FeO or iron(II) oxide, (Fe3O4) or iron(II, III) oxide, and iron(III) oxide. Iron(III) oxide is also called by the name hematite. It is It is a rock-forming mineral which is found in metamorphic, igneous, and sedimentary rocks. Acids readily attack it and therefore it is often called rust. The composition of pure hematite by weight is 70% iron and 30% oxygen.

Iron Oxide Formula Structure for Iron(III) oxide

Iron Oxide Formula Structure

Properties Of Iron (III) Oxide Formula

The chemical formula of Iron (III) Oxide is Fe2O3. It is a red-brown Odorless solid which is insoluble in water. It is soluble in sugar solutions, diluted acids and slightly soluble in aqueous tartaric acid.

Chemical formula for iron (III) oxide Fe2O3
Molecular weight 159.69 g/mol
Density 5.242g/dm3
Melting point 1475- 1565 °C
Boiling point decomposes

Oxides of Iron:

Below we have discussed the oxides of iron.

Oxides of Fe II FeO FeO2
Mixed oxides of Fe II and Fe III Fe3O4 Fe4O5 Fe5O6 Fe5O7 Fe25O32 Fe13O19
Oxide of Fe III Fe2O3 α-Fe2O3 β-Fe2O3 γ-Fe2O3 ε-Fe2O3

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