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Helpful Tips for Long Term Memorisation for JEE

JEE has a vast syllabus and it can be a challenging task for most students to cover all the topics and learn them. Especially, remembering formulas and reactions can be much more complicated. Therefore, in this article, we shall provide a few helpful tips that can be used for long term memorisation for JEE.

  • Write the Formulas Everyday

It is true that all three subjects Physics, Chemistry and Mathematics have many formulas which require your attention and it is not all an easy task. To make the process much simpler, write these formulas every day as it is always better to write them once compared to reading 100 times. 

  • Put the Formulas into Practice

The best way to learn the formulas is to put them into practice. This can be done by solving the problems using these particular formulas. This will help you to understand the practical application of the formula, which keeps you interested during the learning process.

  • Learn the Formula Derivation

It is not possible to remember all the formulas that you study and that’s where the derivation part comes in handy. Certain formulas can be derived from other formulas, which will save a lot of time in preparation.

  • Try to Visualise the Formula

This is an important step that needs to be regularly followed during your JEE preparation and can be very helpful. Try to visualise the symbols and the variables present in the formula while memorising them. Write these on sticky notes and paste them on your study table and mirror, so that you can have easy visual access to them.

  • Maintain a Separate Formula Notebook

Maintain a separate formula notebook for all three subjects ( P, C & M) or one huge book just for the formulas. Keep revising them every day until you are thorough with the formulas.