How to Prepare for JEE in 30 days

The last 30 days before your JEE exam is the most important timeline which tests your strengths and abilities required to crack JEE. It is very important to not feel stressed during this time frame. Here, we will discuss the preparation strategies that can be followed during these final days.

  • Devise a Short Term Plan

You would have prepared a long-term plan at the beginning of your JEE preparation. In a similar fashion, devise another short term plan just for these 30 days and stick to it. This timetable should only include all the chapters that haven’t been covered yet and other complicated topics. Give extra time to these topics and make sure to cover all the topics from the syllabus.

  • More Time to be Spent on Important Topics

JEE syllabus and pattern released by the NTA (National Testing Agency) uploads the marks division for each chapter on its website. Some chapters from every subject (Physics, Chemistry, and Mathematics) carry more marks compared to other chapters. In these last few days, spend a lot of time covering these chapters to maximize your chances of scoring good marks in the exam.

  • Revision is the Key

Make sure you are revising every day in order to remember all the important chapters. Revising regularly will help you to score good marks in JEE.

  • Take a Mock Test Almost Every Day

Mock tests provide an amazing opportunity to revise whatever you have studied. They also let you understand your own strengths and weaknesses in these last few days. After the completion of the mock test, analyze your own answers, and pay more attention to the chapters that you find complicated.

  • Maintain Your Health 

It is vital to stay in a good physical and mental condition in order to succeed in the exam. Make sure your body is getting enough nutrients to function properly. Exercising and following a good diet can help you in many ways during your JEE preparation.