Class 6 JKBOSE 2020-21

Jammu and Kashmir State Board of School Education(JKBOSE) was formed in 1975. Headquartered in Jammu & Srinagar, it stands as an autonomous body under the supervision of Government of Jammu & Kashmir. The state sees a whopping 10200 schools affiliated to the board. It aims at providing quality education by continuously providing the required assistance for the same.

Motive of the board

  • To ensure education is solely provided with an intention of discovering the capabilities of the young minds, goals and objectives
  • It takes efforts in identifying skills in students and encourages to take up opportunities
  • Unbiased in providing opportunities
  • Aims at contributing towards the growth of the state by active participation of the citizens in various aspects
  • To continuously grow in the field of education by reviewing and monitoring the education system in the state of J&K up till Higher secondary level. It achieves this by providing various engaging programs which enables the board to assess and identify potential candidates and provide scope for improvement and a platform to them for global exposure.

Functions of the JK board are as follows:

  • Provides guidelines on courses
  • Develops syllabus
  • Prescribes textbooks depending on syllabus
  • Conducts examinations
  • Processes results at various levels
  • Documentation and certification of results
  • It also caters to the needs of Diploma level apart from higher secondary, secondary levels etc.
  • Monitors progress of schools by taking inspections regularly
  • Equips schools with the required logistics
  • Helps improve infrastructure of schools
  • Recommends role and qualification of the staff
  • Ensures prescribed books are followed at schools

The following are the links to materials that are offered here related to class 6 mathematics & science by J&K board


Syllabus gives an overview of the course for class 6. Provides a complete set of guidelines as to how to go about a particular chapter by laying out a definite framework making it reliable enough. It is a document used by teachers as well as students to understand the motives of the chapter and thus adopt learning methods(students) and pedagogical approaches (teachers) suitably.


Apart from syllabus what is also offered alongside is textbooks. These are one of the most resourceful tools for students as well as teachers. Readily accessible, they aim at equipping students with all the data without having to refer to any other source. Textbooks have been developed after extensive research by scholars in their respective fields and in accordance with the latest information.

Previous years’ Question papers

These papers gives an exact idea of how exam papers look like. Practicing and solving these papers gives immense exposure to students with an idea of the time factor. This practice has been always encouraged by the teachers and advised to score better at examinations. They give a brief idea on the type of questions appearing in MCQs, long type of questions, short type of questions, diagrammatic questions etc. Solving these papers reduces anxiety amongst students and boosts their confidence notches higher.

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