Class 6 JKBOSE previous years' question papers

Question papers are one of the most sought-after study materials. Any student/teacher who has faced examinations has at some point advised to solve question papers before facing the actual examinations. They are considered to be the best ways to crack exams efficiently. They give a brief idea about what the pattern of the question paper is like. This way students know where they need to pay attention towards and which topic can be ignored from examination point of view. Many of us find ourselves running into the ‘last minute studies’ situation, for all those students, question papers are a blessing.

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They are one of the most relied tools used by the teachers to assess a student’s knowledge in a particular field. It not only aims at assessing a student’s knowledge of a subject, but various other skills are also assessed with the help of this amazing tool. To name a few:

(i)Communication skills – how effectively a student is able to bring about his understanding of a topic into the answer sheet and how well he has understood a question to answer accordingly which is the most important part while answering.

(ii)Writing skills – after having understood a topic well, what is also important to assess is how he/she is able to bring that out on the answer script, this not only reflects a student’s mind but also enables teachers to assess his vocabulary and check from grammatical errors if any

(iii)Observational skills – most of the times, students find such questions appearing in exams which would have not been covered in their textbook or class sessions, these are those questions which require attention of students in classes, most times known as application type of questions, where student applies knowledge acquired from a topic and uses it to answer a question. This requires students to have and develop a very good understanding of observational skills.

(iv)Oral tests- these tests aim at assessing and checking speaking skills of students. Most schools for lower grades conduct oral tests to help improve their communication and speaking skills, checking for their pronunciation, spellings etc.

Advantages of solving previous years’ question papers

Solving papers hands down is the best practice to be followed before facing examinations. It has numerous benefits. Few are:

  • Reduces fear of exams
  • Gives a sense of time management
  • Helps understand the examiner’s expectations
  • Question paper pattern can be cracked
  • Repetitive questions can be traced
  • Boosts morale
  • Encourages to solve more papers
  • Can track performance
  • Provides a great scope for improvement

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