JKBOSE Class 7 Mathematics Syllabus

The JKBOSE mathematics syllabus for class 7 aims to enable all the students should:

  • Acquire skills and mathematical concepts for everyday life.
  • Develops communication, reasoning skills
  • Foster interest in mathematics
  • Build confidence

For more students, they feel difficulties in understanding and learning and they think maths is more tricky. Mathematics is a hierarchical subject. If the prerequisite knowledge is weak,foundation and learning of mathematics should shallow. Students should appreciate and understand how the math works in our daily life situation.

Students attitude towards math is basically by their learning experiences. If the learning of mathematics is in a fun and meaningful way, definitely students will have positive approach towards the subject. Every student should have at least 10 years of mathematical education. The goal of JKBOSE is that all students should achieve a level of mastery in math to fulfill the basic needs of their life.

Here is the syllabus for class 7 Mathematics:

Chapter No

Chapter Name




Fractions and Decimals


Data Handling


Simple Equations


Lines and Angles


The Triangle and its Properties


Congruences of Triangles


Comparing Quantities


Rational Number


Practical Geometry


Perimeter and Area


Algebraic Expressions

Practise This Question

A sweet seller has 420 kaju barfis and 130 badam barfis. She wants to stack them in such a way that each stack has the same number of sweets, and they take up the least area of the tray. What is the maximum number of barfis that can be placed in each stack for this purpose?