JKBOSE Class 11 Biology Syllabus

Most important topics under Biology is covered by the JKBOSE Class 11 Biology Syllabus. The syllabus will inform details about the important chapters or units under Botany and Zoology to the JKBOSE Class 11 students. Botany part consists of diversity of life, anatomy of flowering plants or mineral nutrition or so.

Students of Class 11 JKBOSE are also assigned to do botany practicals like study of different parts of a compound microscope, study of osmosis and so. At the same time, Class 11 Zoology covers Cell-Structure and Function, Human Physiology and more. Practicals assigned would include Study of animal cell, study of mitosis and so on.

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See an overview for the Higher Secondary Part 1 Biology encompassing concepts and topics of JKBOSE Class 11 biology below:

JKBOSE Class 11 Biology Theory Syllabus

Section A Botany Syllabus

Unit 1– Diversity of Life

Unit 2– Kingdom Planet

Unit 3– Anatomy of Flowering Plants

Unit 4– Mineral Nutrition

Section B Zoology Syllabus

Unit 3 -Diversity in Living World

Unit 4 – Cell- Structure and Function

Unit 5- Histology and Morphology

Unit 6– Human Physiology

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