Class 6 JKBOSE Mathematics Syllabus | Latest JKBOSE Class 6 Maths Syllabus

A syllabus is a document containing information about the course you have taken up. It acts an effective manual and highlight all the key components it provides the students and teachers with. Time and again the board and teachers advise students to use the syllabus, a clear understanding of which is very important. Knowing the entire JKBOSE Class 6 Maths Syllabus will help students to plan better for the final exams and thus perform well.

JKBOSE Class 6 Maths Syllabus

Having knowledge of how to use the syllabus is as important and crucial. These are resourceful tools just like a telephone book or a dictionary which enables students to locate information and is characterized by the way it is structured and organised. These Jammu and Kashmir Board 6th Class Syllabus of Mathematics are proficient in the matter in which they convey information and are pertinent enough.

Find in the table below the Mathematics Syllabus for Class 6 prescribed by the JKBOSE for the latest academic year:

Mathematics Syllabus
Chapter 1 Whole Numbers
Chapter 2 Playing with numbers
Chapter 3 Basic Geometrical Ideas
Chapter 4 Understanding elementary shapes
Chapter 5 Integers
Chapter 6 Fractions
Chapter 7 Decimals
Chapter 8 Mensuration
Chapter 9 Algebra
Chapter 10 Ratio and proportion
Chapter 11 Practical Geometry

The Jammu and Kashmir Class 6 Maths Syllabus have several components. Few are:

  • Course title/heading
  • Course description
  • Course Content
  • List of diagram/map work
  • Gradation
  • Books for reference
  • Classroom etiquette
  • Educational policies

Mathematics is a subject dealing with numbers. It is a scoring subject since it does not require much effort by students to remember definitions and long answers etc. it just requires students to understand concepts which would be helpful and relevant throughout one’s life. Calculations and computations are part of mathematics and taught from a lower level at schools for students to understand the importance of it in daily life.

Mathematics for Class 6 has been developed and curated by the J&K Board keeping in mind the caliber and the capabilities of a student studying in Class 6. Board is undertaking regular revisions of syllabus in order to incorporate the latest in the field of mathematics.


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