Kerala SSLC Class 10 Maths Important Questions

The Kerala SSLC Class 10 Maths Important Questions are prepared keeping in mind the need to give an overview of the major topics and concepts under Kerala Board Class 10 maths to the students. Many feel that maths is a tough subject and it requires a lot of practice if they want to excel in the subject. These important questions prepared as per the sslc syllabus can help students to get the practice and gain more confidence. It definitely gets better with practice. If the students solve more papers they are more liable to grasp the concepts more easily.

The questions compiled here is done after analyzing the questions that came in the Kerala SSLC Previous Year Papers. We have taken the most important questions, those of which we feel are liable to be repeated again for the upcoming boards. These questions will also give the students an idea about the type of questions asked and this helps them to prepare for the exams better. Meanwhile, take a look at the important questions of class 10 mathematics, which we have compiled here:

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  1. In the figure given below OABC is a rectangle and its breadth is 3. Write the coordinates of the vertices B and C.

 Kerala SSLC Class 10 Maths Important Questions

2. The algebraic form of an arithmetic sequence is 5n + 3

  1. What is the first form of sequence?
  2. What will be the remainder if the terms of the sequences are divided by 5?

3. In the figure, ‘O’ is the centre of the circle and A, B, C, D,E are the points on it.

 Kerala SSLC Class 10 Maths Important Questions-1

∠EAB= 120⁰, ∠EPD = 100⁰. Write the measures of ∠EDB , ∠ECB and ∠DBC.

4. Draw a circle of 3cm. Mark a point 7cm away from its centre. Draw tangents to the circle from this point.

5. P(x)= x³ + ax²- x + b and

  1. Find the relation between a and b for x-1 to be a factor of P(x)
  2. Find the relation between a and b for x-2 to be a factor of P(x)
  3. Find a and b so that both x-1 and x-2 are factors of P(x)

6. A circle with centre (3,4) passes through the origin.

  1. What is the radius of the circle?
  2. If a point in the circle is (x,y), write the relation between x, y?
  3. Check if the point (-2, 1) lies on this circle?

7. A boy saw the top of a building under construction at an elevation of 30⁰. The completed building was 12 meter higher and the boy saw its top at an elevation of 60⁰ from the same spot.

  1. Draw a rough figure based on the given details.
  2. What is the height of the building?
  3. What is the distance between the building and the boy?

8. Cards marked with numbers 1,2,3,4,…………………, 20 are well shuffled and a card is drawn at random. What is the probability that the number on the card is a:

  1. prime number?
  2. divisible by 3?
  3. a perfect square?

9. A person bought a certain number of pen for Rs. 800. If he had bought 4 pens more for the same money, he would have paid 10 less for each pen. How many pens did he buy?

10. A man desires to have an annual income of Rs. 36,000 from 18% Rs. 125 shares available at a premium of 20%. How much should he invest?

11. Prove that \(\frac{Cos^{2}A+tan^{2}A-1}{Sin^{2}A}\)=\(tan^{2}A\)

12. A conical tent is to accommodate 11 persons. Each person must have 4 sq. m of the space on the ground and 20 cubic metre of air to breath. Find the height of the cone.

13. Mohan has a recurring deposit in a bank, where he deposited Rs.2500 per month for 2 years. If he get Rs. 66,250 at the time of maturity, find:

  1. The interest paid by the bank
  2. The rate of interest

14. The weekly wages of 40 workers in a small factory is given below. If the mean weekly wage is Rs145, find the value of a and b.

Daily Wages 80-100 100-120 120-140 140-160 160-180
No,Of Workers 4 6 a b 18

15. Find the value of x, given that B²= A, where.

B= \(\begin{bmatrix} 2, 12 \\ 0, 1 \end{bmatrix}\) and A= \(\begin{bmatrix} 4, x \\ 0, 1 \end{bmatrix}\)

16. Construct a △ABC in which AB=AC=5cm and BC=6.5cm. Using a ruler and a compass only draw the reflection A’ BC of △ABC in BC. Draw lines of symmetry of the figure AB A’C.

Find also the Kerala SSLC Class 10 Maths Important Questions PDF to download here. Access it and start studying for exams.

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