SCERT Kerala Physics Textbooks for Class 11 | Kerala Syllabus 11th Standard Physics Textbooks For English Medium

SCERT Kerala Textbooks for Class 11 Physics consist of Part 1 and Part 2 books, which cover an overall of 15 chapters. The concepts are taken from the latest 2020-2021 Edition of SCERT Kerala State Board, Physics Syllabus 11th Standard Textbooks for English Medium are used by the students to learn the subject. Students can revise the questions found at the end of each chapter of the Kerala SCERT Textbooks and perform well in the final exams.

SCERT Kerala Books Class 11 Physics Download

Kerala Board Class 11 Physics textbook deals with concepts such as Physical World, Laws of Motion, Mechanical Property of Solids, Oscillations, Waves and so on. These chapters from SCERT Class 11 textbooks are devised as per the updated Kerala Board 11th Standard Syllabus.

SCERT Kerala Books Class 11 Physics Part 1

  1. Physical World
  2. Units and Measurement
  3. Motion in a Straight Line
  4. Motion in a Plane
  5. Laws of Motion
  6. Work, Energy and Power
  7. Systems of Particles and Rotational Motions
  8. Gravitation

SCERT Kerala Books Class 11 Physics Part 2

  1. Mechanical Properties of Solids
  2. Mechanical Properties of Fluids
  3. Thermal Properties of Matter
  4. Thermodynamics
  5. Kinetic Theory
  6. Oscillations
  7. Waves

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