Kerala Syllabus 11th Standard Textbooks

Kerala Board of Public Examinations also known as KBPE was founded in the year 1965. The class 10 and class 12 board exams for the schools affiliated to Kerala Board is conducted by KBPE. The class 10 exam is called the SSLC exam and the plus one, plus two exams are called HSE exams. To seek admission in the top-notch HSE colleges in Kerala State, students need to pass the SSLC exam with good grades. Similarly, students who want to get a seat in the best engineering and medical colleges should score exceptionally good in class 12 as well as the competitive exams. To study and score excellent marks in the competitive exams, students should refer to proper study materials which include textbooks, notes, solutions, question papers, etc. The syllabus for competitive exams have topics from plus one and plus two. Therefore, studying from recommended class 11 textbooks is very important. It helps students build a strong foundation for the chapters that will be taught in the HSE second year. BYJU’S wants the students to have a bright future and hence is providing SCERT Textbooks For Class 11. The Kerala State Board textbooks are SCERT prescribed.

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