SSLC is an interesting year for students, as their passing marks for the boards will determine their future studies. Students who have passed their class 10 can go on and continue their studies in KBPE class 11. At the same time, the Class 10 Biology is also very important for students, as this will give them a strong foundation in the subject and will also provide the basis for the higher classes. Most of the questions are taken from the Kerala SSLC Previous Year Question Papers.

Some of the interesting concepts that are covered in class on the basis of the Kerala SSLC Biology syllabus are sensation and responses, unraveling genetic mystery, keeping diseases away and so on. These important questions given here are also framed using this as a foundation. Hence, it is best for the SSLC students to prepare ahead for the exams with the help of study resources and question papers. They can also make use of the Kerala SSLC Class 10 Biology Important Questions that we have compiled.

Benefits of Doing Kerala Class 10 Biology Important Questions

  • Help students to get acquainted with the subject
  • Covers important concepts and topics of the subject
  • Gain more confidence to write the exams
  • Get more practice in doing biology exams
  • Study and prepare well for the upcoming boards

Now that students have realized the importance of these important questions, see here the list of important questions that we have compiled:

Download Kerala SSLC Class 10 Biology important Question PDF

  1. Some symptoms of a disease are given:

(i) Loss of memory

(ii) Inability to recognize friends and relatives

  1. Identify the disease
  2. What is the cause of the disease?

2. A person severely injured in an accident needs blood. Antigen A is detected in his blood on blood test.

(i) Identify the blood group of the person

(ii) From the following persons, whose blood can be received by him?

  1. X – A group (b) Y- B group (c) Z- AB group

3. First generation raised from the hybridisation experiment of Mendel is given. Write the gametes formed from this generation.

 Kerala SSLC Class 10 Biology Important Questions

4. Analyse the graph and answer the following questions:

 Kerala SSLC Class 10 Biology Important Questions-1

  1. Name the pathogen of the disease that is mostly affected
  2. Name the vector of the disease shown in the graph
  3. What measures should be adopted to prevent the spreading of these diseases

5. Give reasons for the following:

  1. Persons with colour blindness cannot distinguish Red and Green colour
  2. Deficiency of vitamin A causes night blindness
  3. Maximum visual clarity is there in yellow spot

6. Observe the illustration showing the maintenance of calcium level in blood and answer the following questions:

 Kerala SSLC Class 10 Biology Important Questions-2

  1. Name the hormones A and D
  2. Name the glands C and B
  3. How A and D maintain the level of calcium in blood

7. List out 4 concepts that can be included in the pamphlet to be distributed in an awareness programme against dengue fever.

8. (a) Identify the below diagram:

 Kerala SSLC Class 10 Biology Important Questions-3

(b) Name the parts labelled as A, B, C and D

9. (a) Name the factors that lead the transformation of normal cells into cancer cells.

(b) Name the two methods used for treatment of cancer

10. Redraw the diagram. Name and the label the parts indicated below:

 Kerala SSLC Class 10 Biology Important Questions-4

  1. Carries impulses away from the cell body
  2. Secretes neurotransmitter
  3. Branches of dendrons

11. Write any two major reasons for the population explosion in this world.

12. Draw neat labelled diagrams of the cross section of an artery and vein

13. Differentiate between:

  1. Osmosis and Diffusion
  2. Mitosis and Meiosis
  3. Chromosome and Chromatid

14. Draw a neat diagram of the stomatal apparatus found in the epidermis of leaves and label stoma, guard cell chloroplast, epidermal cells, cell wall and nucleus

15. Define the following:

  1. Tubectomy
  2. Guttation
  3. Genes
  4. Diastole
  5. Pulse

16. Answer the following:

  1. Enumerate the steps of blood clotting
  2. What is serum?
  3. State two functions of lymph

17. Give scientific reasons for below given scenarios:

  1. The wooden frames of doors get jammed in rainy seasons
  2. If you sprinkle some common salt on a grass growing on a lawn, it is killed at the spot
  3. The arteries are deep seated in the body
  4. Rapid increase of population in India

18. Define the following:

  1. Centromere]
  2. Ultrafiltration
  3. Osmotic pressure
  4. Resource
  5. Portal Vein

19. See the figure below of an experiment setup of a particular phenomenon in plants:

 Kerala SSLC Class 10 Biology Important Questions-5

  1. What is the aim of the experiment
  2. What is the purpose of taking boiled potato?
  3. Mention one biological importance of this physical process to each of the following?

(i) Animals (ii) Plants

20. How do the following substances protect the plant from diseases?

  1. Lignin
  2. Callose
  3. Cuticle


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