SCERT Textbooks For Class 12

The Board of schools in Kerala known as Kerala Board of Public Examinations abbreviated as KBPE was established in the year 1965. The first state to achieve 100 percent primary education in India is Kerala. It was established to supervise & regulate the intermediate and higher education for Kerala state. Students of Kerala Board need to perform well in SSLC exam to get admission in good science and commerce colleges in Kerala. The board exam for HSE 2nd year starts from 6th March and will end on 27th March 2019. You need to score good marks in the HSE 2nd year if you aspire to get admission in the best engineering and medical colleges. Therefore, having proper study materials to prepare for the exam is necessary. Here we are providing recommended textbooks for the students studying under Kerala Board SCERT Textbooks For Class 12. Study Physics, Chemistry, Maths, Biology from SCERT. The content explained in these textbooks is easy to understand and interesting. Students will learn the concepts by practicing the exercise questions after completing every chapter. SCERT Textbooks For Class 12 will also help you prepare for the competitive exams.

Below we have given downloadable PDFs of SCERT textbooks for class 12:

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Practise This Question

The capacitance of a parallel plate condenser is C. The plates are square plates of side 1 unit. The plates are replaced by circular plates of diameter 1 unit.  The capacitance now becomes?(with all others parameters remaining the same)