SCERT Textbooks For Class 8-Maths, Science and Social Science

The SCERT textbooks for class 8 are the textbooks, issued out to all the students who are studying in Kerala or are under the state curriculum. The KBPE is the official governing authority which is responsible for designing the curriculum, syllabus, and textbooks for various classes.

The textbooks for Mathematics and Basic Science are available as PDFs, for your learning convenience and can be found below, in the tabular column.

Students can easily refer to these textbooks, to prepare for their final exams which will undoubtedly prove to be incredibly useful. Check out the SCERT textbooks for class 8 available as a PDF below:

KBPE Class 8 Textbooks- Maths, Science and Social Science PDFs

We have also compiled the KBPE Class 8 Social Science Textbooks Part 1 and 2. Students can click given in the below table to access it.

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