Kerala Plus One Physics Important Questions

Plus One Physics is an important subject for students who wish to do competitive exams and entrance exams for professional courses after their class 12. The Class 11 Physics lays a strong foundation for the students in the subject. It also helps to draw the attention of the students to Physics. A student who wants to prepare well for the exam would reach out to all resources and Scert Textbooks Class 11 they can get their hands on. Adding to that is this very effective resource, the Kerala Plus One Physics Important Questions.

We at BYJU’s understand the students and their needs very well. We have compiled these questions on the basis of the actual final exams and half-yearly/quarterly exams that have taken place. This will help the students to get an overview of the type of questions that will normally be asked in the Kerala Plus One Physics Previous Year Question Paper. It will also provide students with proper practice in doing question papers. So, now a student who has solved these questions will find they are more confident in approaching the exams. See, here a list of some important questions on Plus One Physics we have compiled for the students of Board of Kerala Higher Secondary Education:

Download Gujarat board class 12 Physics Important Questions

  1. A boy throws a ball of mass 200g with a velocity of 20ms⁻¹ at an angle of 40 with the horizontal. What is the kinetic energy of the ball at the highest trajectory?
  2. Write the work done in each of the following cases as zero, positive or negative?(i) Work done by centripetal force in circular motion(ii) Work done by Friction

    (iii) Work done by the Gravitational Force on a freely falling object

    (iv) Work done by the applied force in lifting an object

  3. Describe an expression for the escape velocity of an object from the surface of a planet
  4. A device used to lift automobiles is shown in the diagram below:Kerala Plus One Physics Important Questions A
    1. Write the name of the device
    2. In the situation shown in the picture above, the mass of the car is 3000kg and area of the piston carrying it is 425cm³. What pressure is to be applied to the smaller piston?
  5. Based on the kinetic theory of gases, derive an expression for the pressure exerted by an ideal gas.
  6. A stone tied to the end of a string 80cm long is whirled in a horizontal circle with a constant speed.(i) What is the angle between the velocity and acceleration at any instant of motion?(ii) If the stone makes 14 revolutions in 25s, what is the magnitude of acceleration of the stone?
  7. A gun moves backward when a shot is fired from it.(i) Choose the correct statement?
    1. The momentum of the gun is greater than that of the shot
    2. The momentum acquired by the gun and shot have same magnitude
    3. Gun and shot acquire the same amount of kinetic energy

    (ii) A shell of mass 0.020kg is fired by a gun of mass 100kg. If the muzzle speed of the gun is 80m/s, what is the recoil speed of the gun?

  8. When 0.15kg of ice at 0C is mixed with 0.30kg of water at 50C in a container, the resulting temperature is 6.7C. Calculate the latent heat of fusion of ice. Given specific heat capacity of water is 4186J kg K⁻¹.
  9. (a) If
    \(\begin{array}{l}\vec{A}\end{array} \)
    is perpendicular to
    \(\begin{array}{l}\vec{B}\end{array} \)
    , What is the value of
    \(\begin{array}{l}\vec{A}.\vec{B}\end{array} \)
    ?(b) Find the angle between the force = (3 + 4-5)N and displacement = (5+4+3m.
  10. “Two systems in thermal equilibrium with a third system, are in thermal equilibrium with each other.” Identify the law given in the above statement?
  11. Draw the schematic diagram of a hydraulic lift. Give its working principle.
  12. Match the following in the three columns given below:
    Thermodynamic Process Feature Work done during the process
    Isobaric process Temperature constant RT
    Isothermal process Pressure constant Zero
    Adiabatic process Volume constant ‘P[V₂-V₁]
    No heat exchange between system and surroundings [T₁-T₂]
  13. (a) Figure below shows the ‘parallax method’ to measure the distance “D” of planet “from the earth:
    Kerala Plus One Physics Important Questions A -1Mark the parallax angle “in the figure. Explain how the distance “D” can be measured.(b) Check whether the equation mv²=mgh is dimensionally consistent.Based on the above equation, justify the following statement.

    “A dimensionally correct equation need not be actually an exact equation.”

  14. i) Among the following, which are the examples of simple harmonic motion?
    1. The rotation of the earth about its axis
    2. Vertical oscillations of a loaded spring
    3. Oscillations of a simple pendulum
    4. Uniform circular motion

    (ii) The displacement in simple harmonic motion can be represented as x(t)=ACos(wt+ where is a phase constant. Identify and define “A” and “w” in the equation.

  15. Velocity time graph of an object is given here:
    Kerala Plus One Physics Important Questions A -2

    1. What type of motion is indicated by the above graph?
    2. Derive a relation connecting the displacement and time for this type of motion
    3. The ratio of velocity to the speed of an object is________________

    (i) One (ii) greater than one (iii) less than one (iv) either less than one or equal to one

  16. The stress-strain graph for wires of two materials A and B are given below:Kerala Plus One Physics Important Questions A -3
    1. Which material is more ductile?
    2. When spring balances are continuously used for a long time, they show wrong reading. Explain why?
  17. In resonance column experiment, we can hear maximum sound at a certain height” This is due to the phenomenon of resonance.
    1. Show that for a pipe closed at one end, the frequencies are in the ratio =
    2. Open pipes are preferred to closed pipes in musical instruments. Why?
  18. “No real gas is truly ideal.”
    1. When does real gas approach real gas behaviour?
    2. Define the law of equipartition of energy?
  19. A rubber band can be pulled to several times its original length.
    1. Draw the stress-strain graph of a rubber band.
    2. Rope of cranes is made of a number of thin wires braided together. Why?
  20. The variables which determine the thermodynamic behaviour of a system are called thermodynamic variables.
    1. Pick out the one that is not a thermodynamic variable(temperature, pressure, work, volume)
    2. What happens to the internal energy of gas during______( b.i) Isothermal expansion?(b..ii) Adiabatic expansion?
    3. Gases have two specific heat capacities, Cp and Cv. Why?
    4. Laplace pointed out that when sound is propagating through a gaseous medium, the change is adiabatic. Show that adiabatic bulk modulus is yP.


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