Kerala Syllabus 8th Standard Textbooks

The official syllabus for class 8 students issued by the KBPE, contains all the chapters for the different subjects that can get asked in the main examination. Students can refer through the Kerala syllabus 8th standard textbooks while preparing for their final examinations.

The exam papers are usually out of 100 marks in either the English or the Malayalam medium. This allows students from all backgrounds to appear and score high marks in the examination.

These textbooks are an excellent aid for students, who can learn through them before appearing in the final examination. The syllabus for Mathematics and Basic Science for class 8 is provided in the tabular column below:

Kerala State Board Class 8 Basic Science

1) Agriculture: A way of life

2) An address for living beings

3) The beauty of nature

4) Changes

5) Molecule, Atom

6) Structure of an Atom

7) For Stability

8) The path of light

9) Motion

10) Force

11) Thrust and Pressure

Kerala State Board Class 8 Mathematics

1) Congruent Triangles

2) Ratio and Proportion

3) Negative Numbers

4) Money Math

5) Algebra

Thus, this is the Kerala syllabus for class 8 students. Learn more about the Kerala syllabus only at BYJU’s!

Practise This Question

The correct statements among the following are

A) The minimum number of carbon atoms present in a monosaccharide is 6

B) Among glucose, Lactose, Maltose and Sucrose,non reducing sugar is sucrose

C) In amylopectin of starch, branched chain are due to 1,4 - linkages

D) In cellulose, β - D - glucose units are joined by 1,4 - glycosidic linkages

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