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We all teach our children that the only place where life is possible is on earth. But how many of us have taught them the importance of earth? Did we teach our children that the earth has many natural resources which can be used by us as we wish? Or have we conveyed to them how earth gives us many benefits that we must be thankful for? This essay on Earth Day will be useful for children to learn more about it.

We must remember that what we instil in children becomes their way of life. So, if we want them to care for our mother earth, it is better to explain to them the significance of Earth Day through an essay writing on Earth Day. Earth Day is celebrated every year on 22 April to create awareness about the changes that are happening on earth and protecting our environment. In this easy essay on Earth Day in English, we will discuss why we need to celebrate Earth Day and let us consider ways to protect our earth.

Importance of Earth Day

Earth is the only planet that is considered to be fit for human life and other living beings. If there was no earth, we would not exist, nor would we be able to move to a different planet. Hence, if anything happens to the earth, our survival would be in jeopardy. Let us bear in mind that the earth must be preserved for generations to come and that we cannot utilise the resources as freely as we wish. Our children, grandchildren, great-grandchildren, and so goes the saga of our generation who have equal rights to live on earth and enjoy the resources just like us.

This easy essay on Earth Day in English will be useful for your kids to practise their essay writing skills. Earth Day was first celebrated in 1970 in the USA as a way to influence the government to take environment-friendly decisions against the rising industrialisation. But now, it has achieved great momentum and is celebrated by almost every country in the world. So, keeping aside a day to make humans realise the value of the earth was necessary. With the growing concern of global warming, deforestation and pollution, we inflict harm on our earth, which must be prevented at all costs.

Celebration of Earth Day

The main idea behind celebrating Earth Day is to show kindness to earth, and any simple measure that we take towards protecting the earth will have a huge impact. Earth Day is celebrated in schools, colleges and other institutions with great enthusiasm, and your children can participate in simple activities and share their experiences through essay writing on Earth Day.

Planting trees on school grounds or family yards is the best way to celebrate Earth Day. We can also grow fruits and vegetables in a small garden in the backyard, thus making our earth look greener and cleaner. Taking public transport or riding a bicycle to school or work will reduce the pollution in the air, and buying recyclable materials or carrying reusable bags can also contribute to protecting our earth. In this way, each of us can create a significant impact on the earth and make this day a grand success.

Frequently Asked Questions on Earth Day


How did Earth Day come into existence?

Earth Day was introduced by Gaylord Nelson, former senator of the US and environmentalist, in 1970 when there were huge damages to the environment caused by the oil explosion. So, he decided to celebrate Earth Day to protect nature, and later, the concept was adopted by other countries in the world.


Why is Earth Day celebrated?

Earth Day is celebrated to honour our earth and its resources and create awareness of the need to protect them. Due to many issues like pollution, global warming and deforestation, our earth is suffering. Earth Day enables people to understand these problems and motivates them to protect our earth from further harm and danger.


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