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During the times we tell stories to our children, we often come across the character of a lion who is either greedy or ferocious. And we make roaring sounds and jump forward to describe to our children what a lion is. We will talk about this feared animal in this essay on lion. Children might have seen a lion in pictures or when they visited a zoo. A lion is a wild animal, and its appearance also gives out a scary feeling to children. We can make our kids practise essay writing on lion so that they can know more about this wild creature.

Lions are usually found in the forests, and they are called the king of the forest because of their strong body and massive power. They are considered to be the most dangerous animals, as they hunt and kill other animals for food and survival. Let us understand other features of a lion in this essay on lion.

Features of a Lion

Lion belongs to the cat family, and it is a four-legged animal with a strong body, large eyes and sharp teeth. During the night, we can see that the eyes of the lion give a twinkling effect, and its sharp teeth help the lion to hunt and eat the prey. The lions also have long tails, and they make loud roaring sounds. The male is called the lion, and the female the lioness. Their offspring is called a cub. The male and female lions have a difference in their looks. While the head and neck of the male are covered with golden mane and smooth hair, the female lacks this feature. Even though the lions are said to be seen in the forest, they usually live in grasslands.

As we have seen the physical characteristics of a lion, let us look at other peculiar features in this small essay on lion. Lions mostly eat flesh, and they hunt other animals for food. They are known for their high speed in running. All these characteristics make the lion one of the most powerful animals.

Behaviour of Lions

When kids work on their essay writing on lion, it is important to mention the behaviour of the lions. Lions hunt during the night, and their sharp eyes and claws help them to identify and kill their prey. During the day, they usually sleep for around fourteen to twenty hours and spend the remaining time idling or lazing around.

Lions are social beings, and they move in groups called the ‘pride.’ A pride has 5 – 30 lions, including female lions and cubs. Usually, two lions and seven lionesses are seen in a pride, along with many cubs. The female lions go hunting while the male lions stay back in the pride and protect the cubs from other threats. The lioness can give birth to up to 3 babies at a time, and these cubs are blind and move at a slower pace at birth. Lions are massive animals that rule the kingdom of animals, and we have a responsibility to save them from extinction.

Frequently Asked Questions


Where can lions be found?

Although lions are hailed to be the king of the forest, they can be mainly found in grasslands or savannas. They were in abundance in Africa, North America and the Middle East. In India, we can see the lions in the Gir forest of Gujarat.


Why do lions need to be protected?

Due to the changes in the climate and human exploitation, lions are considered to be on the verge of extinction. Humans tend to hunt animals for their skin, mane and bones, and this puts them on the list of endangered. So, to ensure their survival, we must protect them.


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