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The sun is a star and the centre of our solar system. It is made of gases that create heat and light. You can see it in the sky on a sunny day and feel its warmth on your skin. The sun is an essential resource for life on mother Earth. It not just gives us our warmth but also helps the plants grow. We would be in a freezing and dark place without the sun. BYJU’S essay on sun helps us learn some interesting facts.

The sun is a star that provides warmth and light to the Earth. The sun is one of the essential things in our lives. It has many different uses, such as heating our homes and providing us with vitamin D. It also helps plants to grow and produce oxygen. Some plants can only grow if they get enough sunlight. Animals like lions, bison etc., depend on sunlight to keep warm during the winter season. The sun also produces vitamin D, which helps our bodies stay strong and healthy. Now, let us read some facts about the sun by reading an essay on the sun in English.

About Sun

It is incredible to learn that the sun is vital to our planet. It provides light and heat, which allows plants and animals to survive. The sun is like a giant nuclear furnace and releases lots of energy. It is the source of all life on Earth, providing heat and light for plants, animals, and people. The sun is always shining somewhere around the world. The sun provides the light we need to see and makes our world bright enough for us to work outside every day in summer. BYJU’S essay on sun for kids is a helpful tool to help them understand the solar system and its brightest star.

The sun is a star and the closest to our planet Earth. It is estimated to be 4.6 billion years old.

Importance of Sun

After learning about the sun, let us start reading about the importance of the sun that helps save Earth by referring to BYJU’S essay on sun. The sun is an essential component of life. The leaves on plants can’t perform photosynthesis without light, so they need the sun to survive. Without enough light, they will die, and the animals that depend on them will eventually starve to death. Without the sun, our whole planet would become a frozen wasteland.

Sunlight helps increase serotonin, which can improve one’s mindfulness. Without sunlight, we may become depressed because we are deprived of a crucial element in our lives. The sun also provides us with water by evaporating water from the water bodies on the Earth’s surface. Without the sun, life on Earth would not exist.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the magnitude of the sun?

The magnitude of the sun is -26.74.

What are the gases that comprise the sun?

The sun is made up of gases like oxygen, carbon and nitrogen.

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