Human Rights Day Essay

Human rights are described as fundamental rights, freedom and entitlements that everyone is entitled to. They are set out in the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, widely accepted and ratified by the international community. Reading BYJU’S Human Rights Day essay allows the little ones to understand the importance of knowing human rights.

Human Rights Day is an international day of importance, commemorating the adoption of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights. Every year on December 10, the United Nations General Assembly observes the day to remember and draw people’s attention to the Universal Declaration of Human Rights.

Human rights are the main focus of the United Nations, and there is no way to ensure world peace without them. The Universal Declaration of Human Rights is a document that spells out a person’s rights to life, liberty, and security. These rights ensure freedom from discrimination in all aspects of life.

Human Rights are the basic rights we have been given to ensure our safety and protection. They are universal, which means they apply to everyone without exception, regardless of race, sex, gender, age or nationality.

Importance of Human Rights

Now, let us read about the importance of human rights by referring to BYJU’S Human Rights Day essay in English. Human rights are necessary because they protect people from the abuse of power and make sure that everyone has the same opportunities. Human rights also help improve society and people of different backgrounds, especially those belonging to vulnerable sections.

Human rights are essential for all countries which signed the United Nations Declaration of Human Rights. These rights cover fundamental liberties such as freedom of speech, expression, religion, and press. They also provide people with the right to life, freedom, security and safety.

Human rights are essential in today’s world. Every person has an inherent right to life, liberty, and security. These rights prevent people from being killed, enslaved, abused, or persecuted.

Why is Human Rights Day Celebrated?

After learning the importance of human rights, let us now understand why celebrating Human Rights Day is important by referring to a short essay on Human Rights Day. Human Rights Day is celebrated to remind people of their basic rights as humans. It is also a reminder of the work that still needs to be done to protect these rights.

Human Rights Day makes it easy for people to remember the importance of human rights. It’s a day that recognises the struggles and sacrifices of those who fought for the rights that we all enjoy now.

It is also a time to reflect on how far we have come as humans and remind ourselves of everyone’s human rights. The day is celebrated across the globe to raise awareness of human rights, commemorate those who have died, and educate everyone on the importance of human rights.

National Human Rights Commission of India

India’s National Human Rights Commission is a statutory body established in October 1993. It is an establishment set up to protect human rights throughout incredible India. BYJU’S Human Rights Day essay explains the functions of the National Human Rights Commission in simple words.

The commission has its headquarters in New Delhi and is currently headed by the former judge of the Supreme Court, Justice Arun Kumar Mishra.

The National Human Rights Commission’s functions are to monitor and review human rights violations and take appropriate remedial measures. It is also empowered to investigate complaints and conduct inquiries into related matters.

To conclude, human rights are a universal set of social, civil and political standards that are intended to ensure basic standards of life for all human beings. Being aware of human rights is an important aspect of everyone’s lives. For more stories, worksheets, poems etc., visit BYJU’S website.

Frequently Asked Questions


When is Human Rights Day celebrated?

Human Rights Day is celebrated on December 10 every year.


What are the functions of the Human Rights Commission in India?

The National Human Rights Commission was created to investigate human rights violations and prevent any such violations in the country. It also investigates complaints and conducts inquiries on matters of human rights.


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