Mermaid Drawing for Kids

As children start watching cartoons and animated movies, they are soon to get influenced by mythical stories and creatures. You are not alone if your children excitedly come and ask you whether unicorns, fairies or mermaids are real. And we wouldn’t be surprised if they expressed their desire to see them in real life. Although we cannot fulfil this wish, we can make them create a wonderful land of fairies, pixies and goblins through drawing. To start, we will see a mermaid drawing for kids, and they can place mermaids anywhere in their picture of fairyland once they learn how to draw a mermaid for kids.

In this mermaid drawing for kids easy tutorial, we can see how children can draw a mermaid in simple steps. Since these mythical creatures stir awe and intrigue in children, they will be extremely interested in drawing them. Thus, BYJU’S has provided an exciting lesson on mermaid drawing for kids that will help them learn to draw a mermaid easily. Let us give them the freedom to draw and colour the mermaid according to their imagination, and we can simply guide them with the help of this tutorial.

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How to Draw a Mermaid for Kids

It is the appearance of the mermaids that fascinates children, and therefore, they will have a fun time trying to draw a mermaid. As they learn how to draw a mermaid for kids, it will be good if they have practised drawing a fish as mermaids have a long tail like that of a fish instead of legs. So, check out the tutorial on fish drawing for kids so that we can teach them to draw the features of a fish perfectly. Since a mermaid is half-fish and half-human, this fish drawing lesson will be beneficial for children. Moreover, they can draw mermaids in any way they want, as we have shown a basic and simple drawing here. Though they can give different colours and shades, as shown in the mermaid drawing for kids easy tutorial, they can also draw different hairstyles and poses of mermaids to make them look unique. We will be amazed at their final drawing as it will be popping up in cute and bright colours.

Drawing Mermaid for Kids

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Colouring Mermaid for Kids

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Types of Mermaid Drawing for Kids

While presenting this tutorial on how to draw a mermaid for kids, they will be astonished to see that they can draw a mermaid in many different ways. While there is no fixed face for a mermaid, they can swap either their face or other familiar faces while drawing. As mermaid drawing for kids allows them space for creativity and modifications, it will be fun to engage them in this activity. Whether they want to draw a cartoon mermaid or a realistic version, this mermaid drawing for kids easy tutorial can be used as a reference.

As mermaids are usually found in the water, adding a background of the sea will give a nice look to the drawing of children. This guide on how to draw a mermaid for kids is useful for those who are beginning to draw. Once they learn to draw the basic structure, they will be confident in adding tiny details and elements that they think will add beauty to their drawing. They can either draw a mermaid swimming in the ocean or a mermaid sitting on a huge rock with beautiful flowy hair.

Even while referring to the mermaid drawing for kids easy guide, they can make changes in how the hair of a mermaid should look like. According to their preference, they can go with short, long, wavy, curly or straight hair for their mermaid. Moreover, they can colour it in bright red or yellow shades and add final touches to their drawing. Thus, drawing a mermaid will be an easy-peasy matter for children.

Let them try to recreate this mermaid drawing for kids in a different fashion. We will be able to awaken the artist in them as they learn how to draw a mermaid for kids. Get ready to witness some awesome drawings by them. For more exciting content for kids’ learning, visit BYJU’S website.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why should children engage in the activity of mermaid drawing provided by BYJU’S?

The mermaid drawing activity will be helpful for children to expand their drawing skills. Along with learning to draw a mermaid, they will be able to enhance their creativity and imagination through this activity.

How can you describe a mermaid to children?

A mermaid is a mythical aquatic creature with the head and upper body as that of a woman and the lower part like the tail of a fish. Like fairies, mermaids are also believed to have some magical powers.

How can children draw a mermaid?

Children can draw a mermaid by referring to this easy tutorial. While keeping the body structure similar, they can make changes to the hair and colour of the mermaid and create a beautiful drawing.