Water Essay in English


Can you imagine a day in your life when you have not drunk a single glass of water? It is hard for us to think about life in the absence of water. What is it in life that we do not depend on water – for bathing, drinking, washing? Even though 70% of the Earth is covered by water, our careless use and actions have resulted in rendering much of freshwater unusable due to water pollution. Therefore, we must instil the importance of water in kids from an early age, and the uses of water essay will be suitable for them.

Although kids these days are too lazy to drink water, as evident from the full bottles they bring home after school, we have often seen the look of desperation on their faces when they are in great need of water. This simply confirms that water is a quintessential element in all our lives, and hence we must save water at all costs.

Uses of Water

We have already seen the uses of water in our daily lives, but to understand the importance of water, we must think of a scenario where water becomes scarce. The water essay in English will dive into the different uses of water in various fields, which will help kids know more about water problems due to inadequacy and their consequences.

If you think that only humans require water, you are wrong, as plants and animals also depend on water for many purposes. Just like human beings and all other living beings, plants need water to grow, make food and stay alive. On the other hand, some animals and creatures thrive on water surfaces, and they wouldn’t be able to live without water.

We live in a country where agriculture is the main source of income and food for many families. What do you think will happen if there is no water to cultivate the crops? Just like we won’t get good yields from the farm, we might find it difficult to keep ourselves from starving due to the lack of water. Besides, most industries and factories also require water to run their machines, and it is also a medium of transport for goods and people through the sea. You can also think about the extent of the use of water when a fire breaks out in a building. Thus, it is clear that water is the end of all, and be all of life on Earth.

Concerns about Water Usage

Since water is available to us in plenty, let us see how we misuse it for our needs in this water essay in English. At some point in our lives, we have wasted water; remember when you opened the tap and kept the water running when you were putting soap on your hands or switched on the shower and stood under it for a long time?

Despite the majority of the Earth being covered by water, we must realise that all of it is not safe for consumption. Moreover, polluting the water resources by dumping waste will harm aquatic life. The population is increasing, and so is the water demand. If we conserve water now, we will be saving future generations. To discover more exciting essays, stories and poems for kids, check out BYJU’S website.

Frequently Asked Questions on Water Essay in English


How can we save water?

We can save water by following simple measures, like repairing leaking pipes, turning off the tap while brushing our teeth and switching to using buckets and mugs for bathing instead of showers. We can also install a rainwater harvesting system in our homes to save water.


Why is water considered to be essential?

Water is the most important element on Earth that supports and sustains life. Although water is available in abundance, it cannot be renewed. So, we must use it carefully as we will not be able to live a day without water.


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