29 in Words

29 in words can be written as Twenty-nine. With the help of the article 29 in words, students will get a firm knowledge of the fundamentals of counting. For example, if you buy 1 kg tomato for Rs. 29, then you can say that “I bought 1 kg tomato for Twenty-nine Rupees”. Using this article, you will get to know how to convert 29 into words. You can write numbers in words using the English alphabet. You can read 29 as “Twenty-nine” in English.

29 in words


Twenty-nine in Numbers


29 in English Words

29 In Words

How to Write 29 in Words?

The topic of writing 29 in words using the place value chart can be learnt in this section. The detailed explanation given here helps students get a good hold on the basic concepts of counting numbers. 29 is a two digit number and the place value chart for the number is provided in a table form here. 





29 in expanded form is discussed here:

2 × Ten + 9 × One

= 2 × 10 + 9 × 1 

= 20 + 9

= 29

= Twenty-nine

Therefore, 29 in words is written as Twenty-nine.

Also, read: place value

About the Number 29

29 is a natural number that precedes 30 and succeeds 28.

29 in words – Twenty-one  

Is 29 an odd number? – Yes

Is 29 an even number? – No

Is 29 a perfect square number? – No

Is 29 a perfect cube number? – No

Is 29 a prime number? – Yes

Is 29 a composite number? – No

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Frequently Asked Questions on 29 in Words


How can the number 29 be written in words?

29 can be written in words as “Twenty-nine”.

How to write 29 on a cheque?

29 can be written on a cheque as Twenty-nine rupees only.

Is 29 an odd number?

29 is an odd number as it cannot be divided by 2.


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