Difference Between Area and Surface Area

Geometry is one of the principal branches of the subject mathematics. Geometry primarily comprises shapes and their respective properties. If a student likes drawing the objects, then Geometry is meant for that particular student. However, a common question arose among the students asking, ‘why do we practice Geometry?’ And the answer for that is, to unearth the patterns, find out the volumes, lengths, areas and angles. But, a few students have a tendency to get confused between the area and surface area. Primarily, let us understand the definitions of both area and surface area.

Area – The area is a calculation of how much place is there on a levelled surface. For instance, two leafs of paper have two times the area of one single paper, because there is two times as much place to write on it.

Surface Area – The entire area of the surface of a 3D object.

Difference Between Area And Surface Area

This article briefs the students about the differences between area and surface area.

Area Surface Area
The area of a plane object is the number of unit squares that can be accommodated within it. The total area of the facet of a 3 – dimensional object.
Plane figures represent the area. Like circles, rectangles and triangles. Solid figures represent the surface area. Like prisms, pyramids and cones.
The formula of area for rectangle is – length multiplied by width. The formula to calculate the surface area for a cuboid is – SA=2lw+2lh+2hw.
The area is the measurement of the size of a 2-D image. Surface area is the measurement of the size of a 3-D image.
When it comes to area all we have to do is concentrate on one area. In surface area, we have to work out on the area of all the sides.

Hence, these are a few key differences between Area and Surface Area. To learn more, subscribe to BYJU’S YouTube channel.

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