Difference between Area and Volume

The term Area and Volume can create a great confusion in understanding the terms. Although they seem to be of like a similar quantity of measurement but in reality they are very much different from each other. Let us understand the basic meaning of both the terms.

What is the difference between Area and Volume?

Area Volume
It is to be noted that Area is always defined in two dimensional or object in a plane. The volume is always defined for a three-dimensional object.
Area is the amount of space occupied by a two dimensional flat object in a plane. Volume is defined as the space occupied by the three-dimensional.
It is always measured in square units. It is always measured in cubic units.
It is measured in 2 dimension It is measured in 3 dimension

Below given is the formula for Area and Volume of some figures-

Figure Area Volume
Square \(a^{2}\)
Rectangle \(l \times b\)
Cube \(6a^{2}\) \(a^{3}\)
Cuboid \(2(lb + bh + hl)\) \(l \times b \times h\)
Cylinder \(2 \pi \times r \times h\) \(\pi r^{2} \times h\)

Frequently Asked Questions on the Difference between Area and Volume

What is meant by area and volume?

In the 2D plane, space occupied by the two-dimensional figure is called the area, Whereas the space occupied by the figure in the 3D plane is called volume

Give the measurement unit for area and volume

The area is generally measured using the square units, whereas the volume is generally using the cubic units.

Can we say that the area and volume are the same?

No, area and volume are different. Because the area defines the measurement of 2D shapes, whereas the volume is used to measure the 3D shapes.

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