Difference between Cube and Cuboid

To know the difference between the cube and cuboid shapes, you need to understand the definition of it separately. Though both the shapes have six faces still they are different from each other. Let’s discover how are these two shapes different through this article. We will study the difference between cube and cuboid in this article.

Cube Definition

A three-dimensional shape which has six square-shaped faces of equal size and has an angle of 90 degrees between them is called a cube.

Cuboid Definition

A three-dimensional figure which has three pairs of rectangular faces attached opposite to each other. These opposite faces are the same. Out of these six faces, two can be squares. The other names for cuboid are rectangular boxes, rectangular parallelepipeds, and right prisms.

Cube and Cuboid Similarities

  • A cube and cuboid have six faces.
  • They both have 12 edges.
  • Cube and cuboid have eight vertices.

Key Differences Between Cube and Cuboid

S.No Topics Cube Cuboid
1 Sides All the sides of a cube are equal All the sides of a cuboid are not equal
2 Shape It has a 3-dimensional shape of a square It has a 3-dimensional shape of a rectangle
3 Faces All the six faces are squares All the six faces are rectangles
4 Diagonals All the 12 diagonals on the surface are of the same measure It has 12 diagonals. But in the set of 4 diagonals, 3 diagonals are of differnt measures
5 Internal Diagonals All the 4 internal diagonals are equal It has 4 internal diagonals. But the two pairs are of different measures
6 Example Ice cube, Dice, Rubik’s Cube Bricks, Duster
7 LSA (Lateral Surface Area) Formula 4 × (edge) 2 2 (l + b) h
8 TSA (Total Surface Area) Formula 6 × (edge) 2 2 (lb + bh + hl)
9 Diagonal Formula √3 × (edge) √(l2 + b2 + h2)
10 Volume Formula (edge)3 l × b × h

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