Difference Between Square & Rhombus

Difference Between Square & Rhombus

In geometry, you may have encountered about different figures. One of the topics which students find really difficult to differentiate is the difference between square and rhombus. These two shapes have all the sides to be equal, thus creates a lot of confusion in understanding them. So here we bring for you easy ways to distinguish the square and rhombus. Here are the similarities and differences between the two.

Similarities & Differences of a Square & Rhombus-




A Square is a quadrilateral.

A Rhombus is also a quadrilateral.

All sides of square are equal in length.

Similar to the square, all the sides of a rhombus are also of equal length.

Opposite sides are parallel to each other.

Opposite sides of a rhombus are also parallel to each other.

Diagonals of a square bisect each other at the point of intersection.

Diagonals of a Rhombus bisect each other at point of intersection.

Diagonals are perpendicular to each other.

Similar to that of a square, the Diagonals are of a rhombus are also perpendicular to each other.


The length of Diagonals of a square are of equal length.

The length of Diagonals are of unequal length.

All angles of Square are of 90 degree each i.e. right angled at each Vertex

Only opposite angles of a Rhombus are of equal measure

These were some of the similarities and differences between Square and Rhombus

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