MP Board Class 10 Science Important Questions

Class 10 Science is very important for students, especially if they wish to take up higher studies in the science stream. If they wish to score well in the MP Class 10 board exams, the MP Class 10 Science Important Questions can prove to be highly beneficial. Questions from very important topics under the subject are covered in these questions. Students can get an idea about the type of questions that are normally asked for Science in class 10 exams.

Students will need to put in a lot of effort and hardwork to understand the various concepts of the subject, as per the MP Board Class 10 Science Syllabus. For this, the important questions on class 10 Science can be used. See how to get this list of important questions:

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We have also compiled a list of the important questions for class 10 science here:

Important Questions of MP Class 10 Science

  1. What is meant by “reflection of light”?
  2. What is the potential ? Write its SI unit?
  3. What are Geo-stationary satellites?
  4. State Ohm’s Law?
  5. Draw a well labelled diagram of solar cooker?
  6. Describe the structure of a flower?
  7. Write five difference between lymph and blood?
  8. Write the main six difference between metals and non-metals?
  9. Write the importance of haemoglobin?
  10. Why corona is clearly visible on complete solar eclipse?
  11. Define reflection ? Give the laws of reflection with the help of ray diagram?
  12. With the help of a well-labelled diagram, explain the process of Binary Fission in Amoeba
  13. Describe diagrammatically the manufacture of bleaching powder?
  14. Write the difference between aerobic and anaerobic respiration?
  15. What is global warming? Write down the four causes of global warming?
  16. Define electromagnetic induction?
  17. Why the sun is seen brighter and bigger in comparison to other stars.
  18. Define the direct current and alternating current?
  19. Draw a labelled diagram of chromosome and write its two functions.
  20. Draw a labelled diagram of the human heart.

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