MP Board Class 10 Social Science Important Questions

Students of Class 10 preparing for their upcoming exam should practice a lot of questions so that they can clear their doubts instantly. The important questions given here will help students prepare well and score good marks in their Social Science exam. While preparing for their exam, students should go through these important questions after they have covered the MP Board Class 10 Social Science syllabus.

These important questions play an important role in students’ preparation. It gives an idea of the types of questions can be framed in the examination. It also develops skills for miscellaneous questions, which are generally neglected by students. Practising MP Board Class 10 important questions of Social Science will boost the confidence of the students.

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Below we have compiled a list of important questions of Social Science:

Important Questions of MP Class 10 Social Science

  1. What is Van Mahotsav?
  2. What is the Service Sector?
  3. What were the immediate causes of the Freedom Struggle of 1857?
  4. What is the meaning of adulteration?
  5. Differentiate any five Rabi and Kharif crops.
  6. What were the reasons for conducting the Civil Disobedience Movement?
  7. Write the features of Green Revolution
  8. Write any three reason for struggle of 1857 revolt
  9. Explain the meaning of Socialist and Secular?
  10. Describe the causes which led to the establishment of Indian National Congress.
  11. What are the effects of terrorism on the society? What measures should be adopted to fight terrorism?
  12. What is the effect of population explosion on society? Write.
  13. What is the Kashmir Problem? Explain in detail
  14. Explain the Panchayati Raj System and describe the functions of local bodies.
  15. Write the effects of the Indo-Pak war of 1965.
  16. What are the functions of the Speaker of Lok Sabha?
  17. What do you mean by a mixed economy? State the demerits of a mixed economy.
  18. Why was life conservation necessary? What are the measures of wildlife conservation
  19. Explain the measures to remove unemployment in India.
  20. Who declares the emergency in India and what are its types.


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