MP Class 12 Chemistry Important Questions

It has been clearly established that class 12 is a crucial year for students, as the marks they score in this could make or break their career ahead. A student who plans for higher studies and a career in engineering or medical will need to get a proper foundation in class 12 Chemistry. Hence, they also realize the need to focus more on MP Class 12 Chemistry Important Questions. These questions cover the important concepts as per the Madhya Pradesh Board Class 12 Chemistry Syllabus, so that students will get a clear idea about the topic.

A student preparing for the competitive exams will also find these important questions of class 12 Chemistry to be very useful. These questions are gathered from a series of previous years question papers, analyzing to see the type of questions that are repeated often. Students can download the PDF below, to start preparing for their MP board 12th exams.

Download MP Class 12 Chemistry Important Questions PDF

The list of important questions are also compiled here at this page:

Important Questions for MP Class 12 Chemistry

1. What is standard hydrogen electrode? How is it made?

2. What is Kohlrausch law? Give any one of its applications?

3. Describe Brodie’s ozonizer with diagram

4. Write formulas and structures of five oxy acids of sulphur

5. Write short notes on the following:

  1. Lucas Reagent
  2. Reimer- Tiemann Reaction

6. Write short notes on the following:

  1. Charak
  2. Nalanda Vishwa Vidyalaya

7. Give any 4 differences between Phenol and Alcohol

8. What is Tyndall effect?

9. What are Interhalogen Compounds?

10. Write short notes on:

  1. Threshold Energy
  2. Energy of Activation

11. Write 4 Alloys of Aluminium with its names, composition and its uses

12. Difference between primary, secondary and tertiary alcohol through victor meyer’s

Method only Equations

13. Write electro-chemical theory of corrosion(Rust)

14. What is gold number?

15. What is emulsion?


16. Why the elements of Group 17 are coloured?

17. Write any two applications of Enzymes

18. What is ionization isomerism? Give one example

19. What half life period of a reaction? Calculate the half life period of a first order reaction.

20. Draw a labelled diagram of a blast furnace for the extraction of iron.

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