MP Class 12 Physics Important Questions

Scoring well for the class 12 Physics require a lot of hard work and practice. For this students will need to access from MP Board Textbooks to 12th mp board sample paper, so that they can get enough practice doing the questions. To prepare with the help of all these study material, the class 12 student would first need to prepare a systematic study plan ahead. Students can start by understanding the concept with the help of MP Class 12 Physics Important Questions.

These Physics questions cover the important topics as per the class 12 MP syllabus. These important questions of Physics is devised after a thorough analysis of the MP Board Question Papers to see the questions that are being repeated for exams or those that are likely to be repeated often. Practising with these questions would give the students fundamental conceptual knowledge about the subject.

Find below the Important Questions for MP Board 12th Physics:

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You can also find a list of the important questions for MP Board Class 12 Physics here.

Important Questions of MP Board Class 12 Physics

  1. Define Remote Sensing
  2. Define Conjugate Focci
  3. Give 2 characteristics of laser rays
  4. If the length of a conducting wire becomes twice, when stretched. Then, how many times, resistance will increase.Calculate?
  5. What is a thermistor? Write the uses.
  6. What is a superconductor? Write the uses.
  7. Define the formula for refractive index of material of prism
  8. With the help of Biot-Severt’s law, obtain an expression for the intensity of magnetic field near a straight, long current carrying conductor
  9. What are electromagnetic waves. Write their characteristics( any six).
  10. What is a communication system? What are the main parts of it, explain with the help of a block diagram.
  11. State and Prove Gauss’s Theorem
  12. What is the greenhouse effect? Explain.
  13. What is photoelectric effect?
  14. What is demodulation?
  15. Derive expression for the self inductance of a solenoid. What factors affect it?
  16. Differentiate Analog signal and digital signal with diagrams
  17. What is Parallax? Explain.
  18. What is Optical Fibre? On What Principle Does It Work?
  19. Write Faraday’s Laws of Electromagnetic Induction and obtain an expression of induced e.m.f.
  20. Describe the terrestrial telescope on the basis of the following points:
  21. Labelled Ray Diagram.
  22. Derivation of formula of magnifying power, when final image is formed at the least distance of distinct vision.

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