MP Board Question Paper


The Board of Secondary Education, Madhya Pradesh regulates and administers class 10 and class 12 exams annually. The board devises courses and curriculum to be followed, organise training programmes and provide affiliations to various schools and colleges in the state.

MP Board Question Paper

The MP board requires students to be well-versed with the topics and concepts within their respective syllabus. This means students should prepare well and be completely thorough with the concepts before attempting the exams.

Since class 12 is considered as the focal turning point in a student’s life, last 5 years question papers of 12th MP board should be practised. Doing so will give students an overview of the pattern of exam, probable and important questions along with other insights that increase the chances of securing more marks for the exam.

Benefits of Practicing MP Board Question Papers:

  1. Clarity on various topics and concepts
  2. Insight into the pattern of questions
  3. An idea on important/relevant/ most asked questions in an exam
  4. Solidifying the learning process
  5. Recollection of information with ease and accuracy
  6. Analyze the level of understanding of concepts
  7. Benchmarking results
  8. Develop efficient time management skills

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