Madhya Pradesh Board Class 6th Science Syllabus

As students are introduced to new concepts at the higher primary stage of school education, they begin to learn a host of complex topics that will stay with them for the rest of their student years. The Madhya Pradesh Class 6 Science syllabus give us a good preview of what the state education board has to offer. For the first time in their student life, students will study the science subjects under three separate streams – Physics, Chemistry, and Biology.

The MP Board Class 6 Science syllabus is designed to inculcate the importance of protecting our environment at a very young age. It also endeavours the students to start appreciating the importance of leading a healthy lifestyle by introducing topics such as Health and Hygiene, and Balanced Diet.

Here’s the syllabus for MP Board Class 6 Science subjects.

Download MP Board Class 6th Science Syllabus PDF

Force and Motion
Work, Energy, and Machines
Nature of Matter
Separation of Substances
Changes Around Us
Our Environment
Our Earth
Forests and Our Life
Living and Non-Living Things
Food Health
Conservation and Preservation of Food Stuff
Parts of Plants and Their Functions
Waste Substances
Soil, Seeds, and Fertilizers

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