MP Class 12 Biology Important Questions

MP Class 12 Biology Important Questions help students to do well in the Biology exams and get good scores. These questions have been compiled considering the important topics as per the MP Class 12 Biology Syllabus, also further helping students to enhance their knowledge about Biology.

Class 12 Biology Important Questions will help students to understand the type of questions often asked for the board exams, also giving students an idea about the difficulty level of the exam. MP Board Class 12th is a vital year for students and Biology is an important subject for the students. Students who wish to do well in the exams and learn the subject thoroughly can do so with the help of these important questions.

Students can start studying efficiently after taking a look at the important questions.

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Students can also find a list of the important questions for MP board class 12 Biology here:

Important Questions for MP Class 12 Biology

  1. Write differences between Trachiole and bronchiole
  2. Write any two advantages and two disadvantages of self pollination
  3. What is a test tube baby
  4. Define the following:
  5. Osmotic Pressure (b) Suction Pressure (c) Root Pressure
  6. What do you understand by Yogasana. Write it’s two advantages?
  7. Write any 4 differences between Tendon and Ligaments
  8. Draw a labelled diagram of T.S. of Plant Ovule
  9. What is mimicry? Write its types.
  10. Explain any common 4 problems of Adolescence
  11. Explain in Reflex Action with diagram
  12. Why does muscle fatigue happen?
  13. Write the difference between clinical death and biological death
  14. What are sex hormones? Describe one male and one female sex hormones.
  15. Explain any 5 stages of Hydrosere
  16. Write any 3 application of biotechnology in the field of agriculture
  17. Draw a labelled diagram of pollen grain
  18. Write any two important difference between short day plants and long day plants
  19. Write only the name of different stages Mechanism of human reproduction
  20. Explain the 4 adaptation of xerophyte
  21. Describe calvin cycle with Ray Diagram

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