MP Board Class 11 Biology Important Questions

MP Class 11 Biology Important Questions is useful for students to score high marks in the Biology exams. These questions have been collected after considering the important topics as per the MP Class 11 Biology Syllabus. It also helps students to enhance their knowledge about Biology.

Class 11 Biology Important Questions help students to understand the type of questions often asked for the final exams. It also gives them an idea about the difficulty level of the exam. MP Board Class 11 is as important as class 12 and Biology is an important subject. Students who wish to learn the subject thoroughly can do so with the help of these important questions.

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Important Questions for MP Class 11 Biology

  1. Describe organisation of Life.
  2. Explain opinion of Louis Pasteur about the origin of Life with diagram.
  3. Write five features of an EcoSystem.
  4. Explain MAB programme run by UNESCO.
  5. Define and explain what is Organic Evolution
  6. Cell is the functional unit of an organism, explain with diagram and example.
  7. Draw four different types of cells.
  8. Write four functions of DNA.
  9. Write physical and chemical properties of Polysaccharide.
  10. Totepotencycan help in production of new plants. Explain.
  11. Explain role of Fungi as decomposer.
  12. Explain Biological reasons of formation of coral reef.
  13. Write five differences between virus and bacteria.
  14. Explain the role of flowers in the life of Angiosperm.
  15. What are the three types of RNA? Write about them. How is each related to the concept of flow of information in the cell?
  16. Explain the structure of chromosome with diagram.
  17. Why is skin colour in Human known as quantitative trait?
  18. Explain Back cross with suitable example and the ray diagram.
  19. Define Transpiration and explain the role of Leaf in this biological process
  20. Explain the special features of flower of pea with diagram.
  21. Draw diagram of T.S. of Dicot stem and locate cambium and write its function.
  22. Describe necessary conditions for germination with the help of an experiment.
  23. Write two differences between Tendon and Ligament. Draw a labelled diagram to show both the structures.
  24. Write four differences in male and female cockroach.
  25. Name the cell responsible for clotting of blood and describe the process.

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