MP Board Class 9 Maths Important Questions

Students of 9th standard can start preparing for the final exams by referring to MP Board Class 9 Textbooks and other resources. For, a student who wishes to get a proper foundation in the subject for their future studies and want to score well for the exams, the MP Board Class 9 Maths Important Questions is also very useful.

These important questions are compiled after identifying the often repeated questions. These questions also cover important topics of the subject, as per the updated MP Board Mathematics Syllabus for Class 9, such as Sets, Functions, Logarithms, Trigonometry, Statistics and so on.

A student can also get these questions from the downloadable PDF link given here:

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Students can also get the list of important questions from here:

Important Questions of MP Class 9 Maths

  1. Write the definition of Median of a triangle and concurrent lines
  2. Radius of a circle is 4cm. Construct a regular hexagon circumscribing the circle.
  3. Find the probability of getting a number greater than 4, by throwing a cubic dice
  4. The compound interest of Rs,1800 at the rate of 10% annual for some time is Rs, 378. Find the time period
  5. Find the curved surface area of a right circular cone whose slant height is 10 cm and base radius is 7 cm
  6. The height (in cm) of 9 students of a class are as follows: 155 160 145 149 150 147 152 144 148 find the median of this data.
  7. Rationalise the denominator of
    \(\begin{array}{l}\frac{1}{2+\sqrt{3}}\end{array} \)
  8. Write the definitions of the following:

    (i) Intersecting lines (ii) Non-intersecting lines

  9. Evaluate 105 x 106 without multiplying directly
  10. Prove that the line drawn through the centre of a circle to bisect a chord is perpendicular to the chord
  11. Let U be the set of all triangle in a given plane. If A is the set of all those triangles whose at least one angle is different from 60 degrees, then what will be the set A’ ?
  12. In a class of 40 students, 25 like cricket and 15 football. A student likes at least one of the games. How many students like both the games i.e. cricket and football?
  13. If A and B are two sets such that A has 12 elements, B has 17 elements, and AUB has 21 elements, how many elements does A B have?
  14. If the polynomial
    \(\begin{array}{l}p(x) = 5x^{4}-4x^{3}+3x^{2}-2x+7\end{array} \)
    is divided by
    \(\begin{array}{l}x-5\end{array} \)
    , then find the remainder
  15. Assuming that x, y, z are positive real numbers, exponents are all rational number, show that
  16. Prove that log = log 2 + 2 log 5 -log 3 -2 log 7
  17. Find cube root of 48, correct to two places of decimals
  18. A number added to its two-thirds is equal to 35. Find the number.
  19. The age of the man will be 3 times the age of his son in five years from now. How old are the man and his son now?
  20. Prove that the quadrilateral formed by joining the midpoints of adjacent sides of a rectangle is a rhombus.


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