MP Board Class 8 Social Science Syllabus

At the start of the academic session, students should take a glance at their respective subject wise syllabus so that they can prepare themselves in advance. By knowing the curriculum, students can get an idea about the topics they will be taught in the classroom. The syllabus of MP Board Class 8 Social Science is well prepared by subject matter experts. It provides information related to the subject and the topics covered in it. Even teachers also refer to the syllabus while teaching students inside the classroom.

MP Board Class 8 Social Science Syllabus

In the table provided below, we have provided the detailed MP Board Class 8 syllabus of Social Science. Students can also download the PDF version of it.

Download MP Board Class 8th Social Science Syllabus in English and Hindi PDF

MP Board Class 8 Social Science Syllabus


Unit Name

Unit 1

The Adventure and Expansion of British Rule in India

Unit 2

Administrative Structure, Policies and Impact of British Rule

Unit 3

Struggle Against the British Rule

Unit 4

National Integration

Unit 5

Our National Goals (a) Achievement of National Goals (b) Democracy and Citizen

Unit 6

Lithosphere and Landforms

Unit 7

Changing Outer Forces

Unit 8

British Policies and Administration In India after 1858

Unit 9

Religious, Social Reform Movements and Cultural Awakening

Unit 10

Our Society

Unit 11

Economic Development

Unit 12

Defence Systems of India

Unit 13

North America – Geographical Features

Unit 14

North America – Economic Features

Unit 15

South America – Geographical Features

Unit 16

South America – Economic Features

Unit 17

National Movement 1885-1918

Unit 18

Revolutionary Movement in India

Unit 19

National Movement and Achievement of Independence

Unit 20

Foreign Policy of India and its Relations with the Neighbouring Countries

Unit 21

India and the United Nations

Unit 22

Major Problems of the World

Unit 23

Australia – Geographical Features

Unit 24

Economic Development of Australia Continent

Unit 25


Unit 26

Study of Local Map

Unit 27

Our Life and Environment

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