MP Board Class 9 Social Science Important Questions

Social Science important questions is a crucial resource for students. It helps them prepare smartly and effectively for the exam. Studying these MP Board Class 9 important questions of Social Science helps in their revision. Along with this, they also get to know the important topics and questions from the exam perspective. It gives them good practice of a range of questions, from easy to difficult level. Therefore, students must practice all these questions to score high marks in the Class 9 exam.

These important questions are prepared by subject matter experts by referring to the MP Board Class 9 Social Science syllabus. Students are instructed to solve these important questions, which would help them keep focused during their examinations and inculcate a sense of discipline and seriousness during their exam preparation.

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We have also compiled a list of important questions here:

Important Questions of MP Class 9 Social Science

  1. Who started the religion ‘Din-e-Illahi?
  2. Who discovered the cities of Mohenjo-Daro and Harappa?
  3. Explain the term economy.
  4. What is meant by political party? Write.
  5. What is global warming?
  6. Explain the problem of ozone depletion.
  7. Write the contribution of Prithviraj Chauhan
  8. Write the feature of the Gupta period painting
  9. Describe the functions of the election commission.
  10. Write the cause for the decline of the Mughal Empire.
  11. Describe the drainage system of Northern India?
  12. What is the importance of Kalinga war in Indian history
  13. How does climate affect our health?
  14. Explain the administrative organization of Harshavardhan?
  15. What is the chipko movement? What are its basic elements?
  16. Define pollution. Describe various types of pollution.
  17. Describe the merits and demerits of democracy
  18. Why is Maharana Pratap famous in Indian History? Explain
  19. What is the difference between Nagar style and Dravidian style temples?
  20. Which monuments were constructed by Shahjahan? Explain


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