MP Board Class 6 Maths Textbook

An integral part of every student’s life, the MP Board Class 6 Maths Textbook is the sole official resource or study material. Most students depend on their respective textbooks to score high in final exams. Now, BYJU’S provide the best study material on all subjects as per the MP Board Class 6 Syllabus.

Realizing the importance of studies, BYJU’S provide effective resources for students as per the Class 6 Maths Syllabus. MP Board Books are published by the State Board of Secondary Education attracts the interested students to the subject. It explains even the toughest of concept in a simple way. The board also works to make sure the textbook is correct.

A student who wish to score well for the class 6 exams of MP Board can now access the chapterwise PDFs of the textbooks.

Download Class 6 Maths Textbook of MP Board PDF

अध्याय 1: अपनी संख्याओं की जानकारी
अध्याय 2: पूर्ण संख्याएँ
अध्याय 3: संख्याओं के साथ खेलना
अध्याय 4: आधारभूत ज्यामितीय अवधारणाएँ
अध्याय 5: प्रारंभिक आकारों को समझना
अध्याय 6: पूर्णांक
अध्याय 7: भिन्न
अध्याय 8: दशमलव
अध्याय 9: आँकड़ों का प्रबंधन
अध्याय 10: क्षेत्रमिति
अध्याय 11: बीजगणित
अध्याय 12: अनुपात और समानुपात
अध्याय 13: सममिति
अध्याय 14: प्रायोगिक ज्यामिती

Why Use MP Board Class 6 Maths Textbooks?

  • Teachers plan the lessons with the help of books
  • Students study from the textbooks
  • Teachers give maths problems from the textbook for homework
  • Questions for the exams are taken from the textbook
  • Students gain practice solving problems from maths book

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